The Pixie-Net is a multi-channel digital spectrometer for radiation detectors in desktop format with integrated networking and USB resources. Designed for high-precision coincidence gamma-ray spectroscopy using HPGe detectors, scintillators, or silicon detectors, the Pixie-Net offers not only detector signal digitization and waveform capture but also pulse height measurements, on-board energy histograms, time stamping and constant fraction timing, pileup inspection, external gating and online pulse shape analysis. Besides nuclear spectroscopy, the Pixie-Net can be used for neutron/gamma discrimination, time-of-flight measurements, and coincidence/anti-coincidence measurements.

The Pixie-Net combines an embedded Linux system with XIA’s digital pulse processing developed on the Pixie PXI/PXIe spectrometer series. Incoming signals are digitized at 125-500 MSPS with 12-16 bit ADCs, depending on the variant purchased. Using a ZYNQ All Programmable SoC with programmable logic (FPGA) and a dual-core ARM® processor on the same chip, the ADC data stream is captured and processed in the FPGA section and the ARM processor writes the results to a local SD card or USB drive, or makes them available on a web server. Multiple units can share signals though GPIO.

  • Compact standalone detector readout electronics.
  • 2-8 channels, 12-16 bit, 125-500 MSPS pulse processor.
  • 32K on-board MCA spectrum per channel.
  • Waveform capture and Pulse Shape Analysis.
  • Sub-nanosec Timing Resolution.
  • Embedded Linux platform (based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)
  • Front and back panel digital I/O signals.
  • Gbit Ethernet



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